Love Your Story

“Love Your Story” – doesn’t always sound so easy to do. Well, that is because it isn’t. Coming out of a year that was filled with more “mishaps” and disasters than you can shake a stick at, I was definitely not loving my story in 2019. In retrospect the bad things were counterbalanced with some good. But loving your story doesn’t mean doing so when things are great and going your way. Loving your story means you acknowledge the bad with the good and realize that it is made you who you are today. Your bumps and bruises and scars tell a story. Grieve your bad days, get angry and frustrated, cry and all that you need to but don’t live there in those emotions . Process your feelings, heal, and grow. Then you share your story to help others survive and thrive and give them hope. We are not in this alone, nor do we have to be. You can love your story.

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